Borderlands 2 Review

An eye-candy first person shooter with a passion for heavy loot

The guys at Gearbox have delivered one hell of a sequel to their genre-blending journey across Pandora. In a time where sequels are not so good and developers prefer to stick with a winning formula, to the detriment of fun, variety and new content, is very comforting to see a studio that is able to take further all the winning aspects of its previous effort and deliver such a great performance. They expanded and enhanced the narrative, but that’s not it. They also improved the UI and the inventory system. With the four new heroes you get all new classes and in each one of them you’ll be able to choose between three skill trees in which you can spend all your points in any way you want; get a little bit of everything or just go with the one specialization you prefer.

Like said before this time the story is one of the main steps up; players have a specific villain at which shoot the hell out. Handsome Jack has taken credit for the original vault hunters’ actions, and has managed to put his hands on a vast supply of the precious element Eridium in his rise as leader of the Hyperion Corporation and newly nominated dictator of Pandora. When our new heroes find out Handsome Jack’s plans for the planet it’s time to reunite with some old friends and put the word end to Jack’s reign.

The first person shooter aspect is very simple to explain, is always the same. The very hooking aspect is the loot. When you slain an enemy or after a boss battle or simply walking around for chests there is this constant thought for the loot. In the form of a new gun, and that’s what is all about, ammo, character skin, grenade mods, class mods. All this will keep you searching and traveling. And in this world there is so much to do. There is even a token system which will reward you for completing simple actions during the game; like headshots with a specific weapon class or killing a number of creatures. You can then spend these token for improve stats like reload speed or accuracy or possibility of critical damage. The side quests are numerous and well written. Plenty of variety and humor is spread all over the place. You’ll find yourself taking part in a plenty of activities such as robbing a train, solving a murder, or simply having a pistol duel in an Old West-style town. Between all the classes and the skill trees you’ll have a great re-playability value. Not to mention the game plus mode.

The skill trees are easy, fast and satisfying

If all this doesn’t seem enough for you the co-op is back of course. Shooting your way through Pandora with three friends is very satisfying and every fight or scenario can become a playground in which you can combine all the different abilities of the four characters and unleash destruction over your enemies. In this case the problem is the shared loot; if you end up playing with very competitive friends or with strangers you’ll have to fight for your piece of the treasure. So choose wisely your fellow members.

When it comes to decide what platform you should play on let me tell you there’s not so much difference between Xbox 360, PS3 or PC. In all three variations the content is exactly the same, no one is missing anything or experiencing more. Solely, the PC version allows Nvidia card users to turn on Physx options; consequently you can see all lot more particles floating around, better liquid physics and admire destruction and explosions in all their beauty. If you have a great hardware it’s a plus to enjoy but be careful, it really needs a lot of resource from your system.


+ So much loot
+ Huge world
+ Improved story and characters

– Shared loot
– Vehicle system not so sharp




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