Remember Me Combo Lab Details

Remember Me is a third person action-adventure title developed by DONTNOD Entertainment and published by CAPCOM. The protagonist is Nilin, a once-great fighter which memories were stolen from her. We are in the 2084 Paris, now called Neo-Paris. During the game Nilin will be able to remember combat moves called Pressens. These Pressens must be combined in the Combo Lab in order to form combos that will affect our heroine in different ways. There are four classes, which are:

  • Regen Pressens: regenerate health with each hit but inflict little damage.

  • Power Pressens: inflict heavy damage and give access to finishing moves.

  • Cooldown Pressens: reduce the cool-down period of the special moves S-Pressens (see below) but inflict little damage.

  • Chain Pressens: duplicate the previous Pressen and doubles its effect.

As mentioned before there are special moves called S-Pressens. They can be triggered once gained a certain amount of Focus by hitting enemies. Once used they need a cool-down period. The S-Pressens are:

  • Fury: allows Nilin to freeflow between enemies at longer distances.

  • D.O.S.: shuts down the cerebral implant of all the enemies and stuns them, canceling special powers.

  • Camo: Nilin becomes invisible and can perform a finishing move.

  • Logic Bomb: generates an explosion that hits all enemies within range and destroys shields.

  • Rust in Pieces: used to turn droids against their masters.

During the game the screen will glitch to indicate low health or ineffective attacks. Here comes in handy the mechanism just described; creating combos that can regenerate health, break shields and defenses or violently hitting multiple enemies at once. According to CAPCOM with this system there are thousands of possible combos to combine (see what I did there) in the Combo Lab. But even for the player that doesn’t want to try all these combos ii will be possible to use auto-filled combos for all the situations in the game, at the expense of some effectiveness.

To date, Remember Me is expected to hit Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in May 2013.


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