A Remake From Another Studio, Is This What’s Needed For Need For Speed?

Back in 2005 I bought a game at Day One. It was Need for Speed: Most Wanted. I still remember playing it, loving every single moment. (I’ll tell you what, I’m currently looking at the game in my collection, right on the shelf next to me). Of course they were other times, we needed little things to be happy; no need for hundreds of cars; just two or three bodykits and you were fine. But the highest point in that game was the Blacklist. I can’t remember a better way to progress in a racing game than beat every single driver, take his, or her, car and kick them out of the list. Icing on the cake? It’s all about revenge. The number one stole your car and used it to climb the list. Sweet, cold served revenge. There were cops too, bullet time for hard situations and autovelox cameras.

Apparently, all this is coming back. The crew at Criterion Games, creator of Burnout: Paradise, enhanced all the stuff that made the first Most Wanted great. This time there are 10 Most Wanted drivers (instead of the old 15) and your goal is to be the first of them all of course. I don’t know if there will be some kind of a story, but the first one was astonishingly story-driven for a racing game, in the first place, and for a Need for Speed game, in the second place. What I’ve seen (and what you’ll be able to see in a few moments) it’s an open-world racing game with all the cars available from the very first moment, chasing cops are back and apparently they included some tricks to help you evade the people of the law; like auto re-inflating tires (!). What am I Knight Rider?! I admit this last aspect doesn’t look so good to me. But it’s all too early, we will see in a little time how all of that will develop. Meanwhile here’s the video. Enjoy and stay tuned.


2 responses to “A Remake From Another Studio, Is This What’s Needed For Need For Speed?

  1. Topical! I’m planning to absolutely make sure to spread the phrase and so the the others can feel as knowledgeable as I was. Congratulations.

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