Mass Effect Trilogy

Looks like the great success of the Mass Effect series brought us the soon to be released Trilogy Set. The major highlight is the fact that for the first time the original first game is coming to PS3. In the set you’ll be able to find all the three games of course, delivered in a premium foil box with an exclusive artwork. However, after the good news, don’t be too impatient PS3 users. Because if the Xbox 360 and PC versions will launch on November 6th; a PlayStation 3 version will follow on an unspecified date.

But enough worrying, at least there is another good news. For anyone who already owns Mass Effect 2 and 3 it will be possible to download the first one via the PlayStation Network, with full Trophy support; though an exact date hasn’t been announced for that either.

And last but not least, BioWare announced a celebration day, the “N7 Day”, on November 7th. The day will include in-game, online and live events.


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