Nightmarish Sleeping Dogs DLC To Release In Time For Halloween

This is the perfect time of the year to release a zombie-themed DLC. After all is Halloween, isn’t it? The DLC in question is the one of United Front Games’ Sleeping Dogs. I still can’t believe how underestimated was this title. Not by the press, mind you. But by the players themselves. Inexplicable thing given the great game that is Sleeping Dogs; one of the waves of fresh air of this year.

Anyway, the good news is that this new IP was not left to itself by its developer and publisher and on the 30th of October “Nightmare in North Point” will hit our online services of choice. Our protagonist Wei Shen will face a new undead menace, under the clothes of a late gang member that comes back as a zombie; bringing with him also some vampires and occult creatures from the chinese tradition. Certainly a change from his role as an undercover cop in the triad. Prepare yourself for some more zombified kung-fu action.


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