Team Fortress 2 Says: “It’s Time To Scream!”

The treat for this halloween doesn’t end here. The 4th edition of Scream Fortress is among us. For a limited time, until November 8th, this annual Halloween event will add new features to Team Fortress 2 including:

– Merasmus: a haunted King of the Hill map to battle “a bomb-spewing, fate-spinning spectral magician!”
– Wheel of Fate: he[Merasmus]’s also got access to the “Bombinomicon”, an eldritch tome of bomb magic; Merasmus has also booby-trapped the control point—every time it changes hands, the Wheel of Fate spins, and one of many potentially horrible fates await you! Or maybe something good! Who knows? Magic, everyone!
– Magic Spells: spells you can cast on other items in your backpack to give them new effects.
– Wave 666: Replaces robots with a single wave of more than 800 Zombies in Mann vs. Machine mode.
– Necromannchievements: two new achievements; “Wizards Never Prosper” and “A Lovely Vacation Spot”.

And if all that isn’t enough you have the chance to read and download the Halloween-themed Team Fortress 2 comic called Doom-Mates.


3 responses to “Team Fortress 2 Says: “It’s Time To Scream!”

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