Grand Theft Auto V Spring Release Confirmed By “GAME”

Finally we have a definitive release window for the awaited Grand Theft Auto V. The UK retailer “GAME” posted the below image to encourage costumers to pre-order without further ado. As visible “Spring 2013” is the chosen time. Then rejoice GTA fans, go out and pre-order your copy to avoid the risk of remaining empty-handed when it comes to the fatidical date.

More GTA V news, promised by Rockstar, is set to arrive in November. An official release date is sure near.

Update: Rockstar has officially confirmed that Grand Theft Auto V is coming in Spring 2013. The window will mark the worldwide release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, according to Rockstar, with no mention of other platforms. Rockstar has now confirmed the timing and revealed that pre-orders will begin on November 5th at all retailers.

For all the details that Rockstar delivered be sure to read the news on the official site.


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