Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare In North Point Review

This time I really don’t know how to start. The only thing that comes to my mind is: punch zombies in the face! This is literally the case here. Let’s make a little order. The events take place after the ending of the game; I guessed it after seeing some characters later in the story. This is probably the major flaw of this Sleeping Dogs’ Halloween DLC. Zero presentation. Wei Shen is walking with his girlfriend and suddenly a dead enemy from the past kidnaps her and unleashes Hell on Hong Kong. What you have to do is to figure out a way to send these guys back where they came from.

Apparently, Hell has a sense of humor and the fact that Wei reacts so normally when his late friend Vincent comes to visit and help him is one of the funniest thing of the DLC. I look forward to drive a car and wait for Vincent to “pop-up” for a little talk. I have to say that the new enemies are very good and satisfying. The combat is enhaced and more fluid. From normal zombies to more powerful enemies you’ll have to use different approaches and moves, just like you did in the main game.

During the main storyline you’ll be facing old “friends” from the main game seeking revenge, in order to free your girlfriend and the city. Between missions the side quests span between free a civilian from a zombie attack or free a street from an hellish horde coming out directly from a supernatural flux of energy. The toughest enemies are evil lords that can be defeated only with special powers or with the new available weapon, the peach wood sword. Unfortunately you will not have access to all the cars and the clothes you’ve unlocked in the main game. The only way to get some goodies is to complete side quests and they will be available again in your house.

After all, the world lightning is great, with a permanent night and colorful lanterns floating on the sea. The atmosphere is very well delivered. The downside is that there is practically not story at all and you’re ultimately fighting your way to the end. But this is the Halloween spirit, kick those monsters back to Hell! Maybe not. If you’re here for the story you have come in the wrong place but if you’re here for the zombies you’ll be well pleased. After all this is a better story than the usual multiplayer map or the new character skin. And for only 560 Microsoft Points (about 7$) it’s the perfect zombie deal for Halloween.


+ Zombies and Kung-Fu
+ New moves
+ Great atmosphere

– Where is the story?




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