Grand Theft Auto V Multiple Playable Characters And Other Details Revealed

The first official details about Grand Theft Auto V have been announced. Rockstar has revealed, on the digital pages of the new issue of Game Informer, that the game will have three playable characters: Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Players will be able to switch between characters with a single button press, allowing them to experience missions from different perspectives. Michael is a retired bank robber in his early 40s who is now in the witness protection program, and whose wife has burned all his savings, causing him to get back into old habits. His friend Trevor is around the same age as Michael, he is the psychopath under the influence of drugs, with a criminal career and a tendency to violence. The last one, Franklin, works as a repo man and he’s described as “the young and capable one of the bunch.” All three come together to perform heists, which are described as “a big theme in the game.”

Missions can be played as different combinations of the three characters, and each will have a different skillset. Los Santos will be the biggest open world in Rockstar’s history, in their own words “bigger than Read Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto IV and San Andreas combined”. It will also be possible to navigate underwater areas of the city. Driving mechanics also got changed by Rockstar, with cars that “hold to the ground a bit better” and have “a little more physics on them”. Shooting and melee combat have also been improved, and some pedestrian models have now been mapped using motion capture. Heists will be a key element, but players will also experience elements similar to Red Dead Redemption’s dynamic encounters, including stopping to check on broken cars and picking up hitchhikers. Players will also be able to chase and catch muggers or rob cash vans. Characters can be customized by changing clothes. The phone will also return for obtaining important info, but will now be more modern. Some items previously only accessible from the phone in Grand Theft Auto IV will simply be accessible on the map. For the first time, Grand Theft Auto V will also have an original musical score.

Michael has a wife Amanda, and has a teenage daughter named Tracy and a teenage son Jimmy; Franklin has a “crazy friend” named Lamar and Trevor has a paranoid conspiracy theorist friend named Ron. When you’re not in a mission, players will be able to switch between characters and see them living their daily lives. There also won’t be romance in the game as there was in Grand Theft Auto IV, and while there will be multiplayer, Rockstar hasn’t released details just yet.

Outside of missions, players will be able to perform yoga, triathalons, jet skiing, base jumping, tennis and golf. The confirmed list of vehicles in which you can explore the giant map so far includes several bikes, cars and trucks as well as helicopters, planes, ATVs and jet skis. The economy in the game is not sure yet, but there won’t be real-estate to own, even that “there will be plenty of other things to spend money on”. There will also be appearances from characters from Grand Theft Auto IV and Episodes from Liberty City. But not from previous installments, infact Rockstar explains that the five Grand Theft Auto games on PlayStation 2 are one universe, while Grand Theft Auto IV and V exist in a separate “high definition universe”. Unfortunately, this means no C.J. or Tommy Vercetti.

Grand Theft Auto V will hit stores in Spring 2013 confirmed only for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


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