Hitman: Absolution Or Heresy?

When this title came out there were many expectations. After so many years, the return of Agent 47 is a big deal. From the beginning, the public was divided by the new direction. A quanto pare ci troviamo di fronte ad un titolo che soddisfa o solleva moti di costernazione. Apparently we are faced with a title that either fulfills or raises motions of consternation. The game was designed in a new way compared to previous releases. Compared to large areas of the previous episode they opted for a linear and focused level design. The levels are dense and rich in options to complete your goal. The story itself indicates a main course and has several options, but the decision is up to the player. You can choose to enter shooting or you can use Agent 47 skills to strike and disappear unseen. This latter aspect is the one which concentrated all the different points of view. It’s inevitable to realize how the stealth gameplay has taken inspiration from elements already working on the gaming scene. The cover-based element, the quick-time events, the Instinct that shows enemies, paths and active objects. Stealth purists turn their nose when you can go unnoticed from cover to cover and pass a group of guards. The fact that the guards’ detection and the new camouflage system work differently doesn’t mean they’re broken. All of the gameplay and the environment serve the purpose of telling a more personal story of Agent 47. It’s undeniable that Hitman: Absolution is a title more action-oriented and developed to emphasize the storytelling. At the expense of an excessive focus on stealth, the mechanics is still present, but serves the purpose of telling a journey, a smoother journey towards our knowledge of Agent 47 and what he believes and thinks. There has been a change of direction, but I think it does not serve anything other than give more depth to the world and the character; avoiding presenting the game like a series of separate arcade levels with a sketchy avatar to serve the player’s inputs. That is not storytelling, it’s a simulator of stealth action. I see in this Hitman a new base from which to develop new aspects of the genre, and it’s undeniable that a great potential lies between the lines of this title. This year marks the year of redemption for the stealth genre, with new experiments and new points of view from which to approach the genre. The potential is there and I’m sure some developers will be able to see it clearly.


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