Deadpool: Activision Sounds Off About Marvel’s Merc With A Mouth


Deadpool is sure one hell of a character. He is a mercenary with some both heroes and villains friends. He has a big mouth and an harsh personality. He is a tremendous hand-to-hand combat specialist and doesn’t disdain guns and explosives at all. And he is crazy. Totally. And this very aspect leads to the most memorable moments of the character. After earning his own monthly comic series and appearing in titles like Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Deadpool has finally earned the right to star in his own game. In the comics, Deadpool regularly references his comic creators and talks to his readers. This very feature will be incorporated into the game by the developer High Moon Studious; leading to Deadpool commenting on how well the players are doing and actually playing a major role in the storyline.

“During the game, he might turn to you and make a wise-crack about how well you are doing playing him, or make fun of you for how badly”, says Sean Miller, game director at High Moon Studios. “It’s been a long time since I’ve laughed this much while making or playing a video game”.

The game’s most recent demo starts with Deadpool accepting a contract to assassinate a media mogul. While making his way to the target, Deadpool has to fight some waves of guards; as it looks logical. After running down a hall firing two pistols, he might perform a spin attack with his katanas. As Deadpool concatenates moves, he builds up a series of combo bars that can unleash specific moves. These moves can be compared to an area attack such as a spinning sword attack. Deadpool has a special power similar to Wolverine’s that can heal him very quickly. During combat he can fall apart and lose some limbs as he suffers damage during combat. Players can either wait for the missing limbs to regrow or pick up his missing chunks and reattach them. This is what the game director Sean Miller thinks about this specific feature and the state of the modern gaming scene.

“Really, how is this different from any other video game out there? We’ve become used to the idea that ‘my character’ can soak up damage and miraculously recover from multiple gunshots, or if I actually die, I just respawn at my last checkpoint. Just because I can take a lot of damage doesn’t mean I can’t lose – and Deadpool hates losing”.

With the possibility of hearing the voice of the main character while playing and the humor that has to cover every aspect of a real deadpool experience, the key is how to handle this constant presence and keep it fresh.

“The key is that Deadpool wants to be a likable guy. He’s been through a hellish life, and like many of us, the jokes he cracks help lighten up some pretty serious business. The game won’t be an endless stream of repetitive one-liners – he’s playing the game with you, so his thoughts and jokes are in the context of what you are both experiencing. He just lets out who he is, unfiltered – something none of us get to do in our day-to-day lives”.


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