How Is Your Favorite Video Game Trailer?

"Enough bad trailers or I'll come back for you"

“Enough bad trailers or I’ll come back for you”

As every gamer knows there’s nothing like watching the trailer for your new favorite game. But sometimes developers try more to impress and convince customers to buy their game than actually show some serious gameplay.

That’s right. I mean, I can stand some marketing driven fake interview about the new feature but that’s a video which will never stick in my mind. And most of the time these trailers just shed a bad light on gamers. What I really want is some serious gameplay footage. After all, I have to play this game; and when they stick with some “Developer Diary” I start to be concerned. An example? With Dishonored they showed mostly gameplay and all the ways you could use your powers and weapons; that’s because they had a really new mechanics. The opposite? Assassin’s Creed III, of course. Ubisoft never lets you down. Look at all these developer diaries, they said. Look how good is this CGI trailer. And after all these hopes, the gameplay is still broken.

But I digress. Back on topic, I would like to see some serious gameplay in a trailer, if you have a new mechanics, your real strength, show us some more. We’ll be able to see the real deal and judge for ourselves. If you have a strong concept, don’t be shy, we can recognize a good idea when we see one, trust us. We are smart people and we can see when you’re selling fried air.

Last but not least, keep the celebrities away and include a release date with all the available platforms. If I don’t know when your game comes out and where I can play it, how am I supposed to decide?

How is your favorite video game trailer? Share what you like and dislike in the comments section.


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