Metro: Last Light Fundamentally The Same On All Formats, Says THQ


Metro: Last Light will fundamentally be the same on PC and Xbox 360, according to THQ’s head of global communications Huw Beynon.

THQ’s head of global communications HuwBeynon has explained how Metro: Last Light differs across PC and console. The answer, in brief: not at all in terms of how it performs, and startlingly little in terms of how it looks.

The game has yet to be shown to press on Xbox 360, but Beynon is adamant it’ll be the same, grisly, post-apocalyptic treat whether you’re rocking a desktop or slouched on a sofa. Beynon said the gameplay, dynamic lighting, physics and A.I will all be the same.

“We’ve obviously been showing it to you on PC all driven through an Xbox controller, but there’s absolutely no gameplay difference between platforms,” he said. “You have an, essentially, identical gameplay experience”.

“There are obviously things we can do on PC just because this is a studio where you give them a hardware limit and they’ll expand to fill it and push it – higher resolution, slighter higher frame rate at that resolution, a few fancier lighting and graphical effects, whatever we can eke out the very latest generation of graphics cards for PC”.

“But all the fundamentals – dynamic lighting, physics and AI – everything that has a material impact on the game is identical across platforms. Beynon said the game’s “interiors make it one of the better looking games on Xbox 360,” and the team made “massive improvements” to the engine in terms of how the outdoor environments were treated”.

An in-game trailer for Metro Last Light was released today. The game is due in March 2013, on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


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