Sleeping Dogs DLC Pays Homage To Classic Kung Fu

It’s been a while since I had any cause to return to Sleeping Dogs. The Nightmare in North Point DLC provided sufficient fun in a spooky and silly way that kept me in the streets of Hong Kong kicking zombies. And today DLC promises to pay homage to the old Kung Fu movies of the 1970s.

Accessing the new content offered by The Zodiac Tournament bundle is fairly easy, and can be done at any time by driving towards a map marker located behind one of the mainland’s convention centres. You can jump right in, even at the start of the game, but is fair to say that some combat upgrades are needed in order to smoothly navigate the Tournament. After all this time you’ve probably beaten the game and unlocked some upgrades so you should be fine. If you’ve booted the game for the first time, take your time to enjoy a great game and come back later for your fair share of combat mayhem.


Invited to an exclusive combat tournament on a hidden island off the coast of Hong Kong, Wei Shen faces the ultimate test of his mastery of martial arts, taking on the world’s greatest warriors in a fight to the death. Set on the remote Zodiac Island, a crumbling temple complex plays host to a series of ancient arenas, each more complex and deadly than the last. Avoiding deadly fire pits or spike-clad ceilings are merely a distraction when up against a collection of cold-blooded killers from every discipline of close-quarters combat. Wei must utilise his full move set, combined with a few new ones picked up on the way, to defeat all that stand in his way and take-out the island’s big boss.

On the surface, much of what takes place during the Zodiac Tournament is just more of the same for Sleeping Dogs. There are new moves and collectibles, but for the most part it doesn’t mess too much with the gameplay that we’ve grown accustomed to, minus the driving and shooting.

As always presentation is everything in Sleeping Dogs, and this is no exception. All the game is a clear homage to old Kung Fu movies but here the feature is more alive than ever. From the moment you head to the island for the tournament, the screen starts to fade and flickers like an old movie.

At the end The Zodiac Tournament pack is the fun that we’ve grown accustomed to and lately this can’t be said for most of the DLCs on the market. For a game that was surprisingly underestimated this costant flow of new content is a welcome addition to one of 2012’s best new IPs.


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