The Precise Tuning Of Far Cry 3


It’s been a while since Far Cry 3 came out and for the most part people just loved it or criticized it. I think that the truth may be in the middle. Apart from one of the greatest villain of the last years as opposed to a poor main character development, the aspect that really stands for this title is the way you can play it. A huge island fully open for you to explore, full of enemies in the form of pirates and full of wildlife ready to kill you. The hunting aspect of the game it’s absolutely not a fully developed survival meta-game, it’s more of a way to obtain better equipment presented in the context of being stuck on an island with a mission in front of you. But that’s exactly one of my points, you can climb on a radio tower to reveal portions of the map or free pirate outposts to obtain a sure den and a fast travel location. And you can do that in any order you want between missions. Every time you can focus only on the main storyline or start exploring to buff yourself. It’s a fine tuning between a linear path and a completely open world setting. You can still follow the story while wandering around without feeling disoriented if you take too much time to collect that skin you need to craft a new loot rucksack. The game gives you not much different secondary missions to complete, but there is a lot of each type. Many have compared Far Cry 3 to Skyrim, only with guns. A more precise statement could be Assassin’s Creed with guns; if we really want to make a comparison. The point I’m trying to make anyway is the fact that FarCry 3 is a joy to get lost into, it makes you feel empowered to the expense of a more realistic survival experience and of letting unexplored some major changes and consequences of the character behavior. I can understand the fun that ensues from this situation. Of course some aspects deserved some more attention but they don’t affect too much the whole. And at the end you are wandering in one of the most compelling open world settings of the last year.



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