Warner Bros. Registers Batman Arkham Domain Names For The Next Game or Movie?


Warner Bros. has recently, and secretly, tried to register a series of 15 domain names that could hint at a possible new title for the Batman Arkham video game series, or for a movie reboot.

In a very similary way, on July 12, 2010 – before the official announcement for Batman: Arkham City – Warner registered exactly 15 web domains, which were:

ArkhamCity.com (Arkham City)
BatmanArkhamCity.com (Batman: Arkham City)
BatmanAshesOfGotham.com (Batman: Ashes of Gotham)
BatmanBrokenGround.com (Batman: Broken Ground)
BatmanNewArkham.com (Batman: New Arkham)
BatmanGrandelusion.com (Batman: Grandelusion)
BatmanRiseOfArkham.com (Batman: Rise of Arkham)
BatmanSiegeOfGotham.com (Batman: Siege of Gotham)
BatmanStateOfVillainy.com (Batman: State of Villainy)
CityOfArkham.com (City of Arkham)
CloseArkhamCity.com (Close Arkham City)
PeopleForGotham.com (People for Gotham)
StopMayorSharp.com (Stop Mayor Sharp)
WarInGothamCity.com (War in Gotham City)
WheresBruceWayne.com (Where’s Bruce Wayne)

A month later, Rocksteady officially announced the release of “Batman: Arkham City” for October 2011.

Now Fusible.com was able to discover that on January 10, 2013 MarkMonitor, an Online Brand Protection agency, has registered the list of domains below:

arkhamuniverse.com (Arkham Universe)
batmanarkahmuniverse.com (Batman Arkham Universe)
batmanarkhamarises.com (Batman Arkham Arises)
batmanarkhambegins.com (Batman Arkham Begins)
batmanarkhamdarkknight.com (Batman Arkham Dark Knight)
batmanarkhamknight.com (Batman Arkham Knight)
batmanarkhamlegend.com (Batman Arkham Legend)
batmanarkhamlegends.com (Batman Arkham Legends)
batmanarkhamnight.com (Batman Arkham Night)
batmanarkhamorigins.com (Batman Arkham Origins)
batmanarkhamstories.com (Batman Arkham Stories)
darkknightarkham.com (Dark Knight Arkham)
dcarkhamuniverse.com (DC Arkham Universe)
dcarkhamverse.com (DC Arkhamverse)
thearkhamuniverse.com (The Arkham Universe)

Confidentiality is part of the use of this type of services, but TimeWarner happens to be one of their customers and Warner Bros. is a subsidiary of TimeWarner. I think we found our secret customer.

For now what we know about the future of the Arkham series is all based on a rumor, the one about the possibility the next title will be a prequel that centers around Batman’s first encounter with the Joker, based on the Silver Age of DC Comics frome the 50s, and the Justice League of America will be involved.

Thanks to Fusible.com. They were the first to discover the story.


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