Dead Space 3 Will Include Micro-Transactions


Looks like Dead Space 3 will feature micro-transactions when it comes to its weapon crafting system.

Eurogamer spotted mention of “downloadable content” during an Electronic Arts preview event and then the producers confirmed the message pops up when you don’t have enough resources to craft the weapon you want.

If you don’t want to look for scrap or you don’t have the time you can pay real money to purchase the required part.

Yara Khoury, associate producer of Dead Space 3, explained that you don’t have to spend real money to obtain a weapon if you play the game you will be able to scavenge everything you need. Plus, many of the most powerful weapons will not be immediately available for purchase at the beginning of the game.

I can imagine this is an idea of ​​EA and that the Money God is irresistible but I would like to remind you that part of an horror experience is the fact that sometimes you may find yourself facing enemies with a little underpowered gun. There are already controversies about the fact that the co-op takes much of the experience, certainly the micro-transactions do not help. Not to mention the fact that this is only a way to milk even more money from a full price retail game that doesn’t add absolutely nothing to the experience. When I buy a game I want to experience it the way it was intended by the developers; with all the difficulty arches and the specific leveling system. If you’re paying to advance in a game, maybe you should ask yourself why you even bothered to buy a game in the first place. It’s simply bad; and as always, the only ones who will pay the consequences are the gamers.


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