The Last of Us Joel and Ellie Special Editions

If you like your games to have a lot of swag, rejoice. The Last of Us got you covered and lets you even choose.

The Last of Us will have two special editions: one for hero Joel and one for hero Ellie; what will differ is the picture on the Blu-Ray Packaging, two different Controller Skins and a screen print effect Poster. What you will find in any edition is the Artbook and the Comic, first in a series created in partnership with Dark Horse to develop the backstory of Ellie. The version included features a variant cover found only in these special editions.

What is equal is some Digital Content. There’s a Survival Pack for the game that includes customisable items for multiplayer characters; additional in-game currency to buy customizable parts and other items that boost your power in multiplayer; some experience points to give you a head start; a melee attack booster to make you hit harder; and two extra skins for Joel and Ellie that will unlock when you finish the single-player game. You also get a dynamic PS3 Theme, the game’s Soundtrack in download form and two PSN Avatars of Joel and Ellie in winter survival gear. And finally either an Ellie or Joel Sackboy costume depending on which edition you picked up. A wealthy bunch of content indeed. All this is kept in a canvas wrap, which you can see in the images below.

Finally what varies depending on what country you live in is that you may find a personalized water bottle and a 30 days Playstation Plus membership.

The Ellie Edition is exclusive to GAME, and the Joel Edition is exclusive to Amazon and “independents” only in Europe, releasing in May.




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