Dead Space 3 Dev On Micro-Transactions Controversy

Dead Space 3’s microtransaction mechanic emerged for the first time with the image shown below:


As it should be, many tables were flipped. Now Visceral stepped in to say that the payments were not boosters; they will give players an “instant gratification”.

Visceral’s John Calhoun said, “Not much has been spoken about that, but I can tell you the details now. The way the micro-transactions work, is that there’s only three things that you can buy, and they’re basically tiers of different resources”.

“Everything that you can find in the game can be constructed from resources. Combining these in different ways will create either a weapon part, an ammo pack or an upgrade to Isaac’s suit. There’s a lot of players out there, especially players coming from mobile games, who are accustomed to micro-transactions. They’re like “I need this now, I want this now”. They need instant gratification. So we included that option in order to attract those players”.

“There’s also the hardcore Dead Space players, who are reluctant to spend money outside the purchase of the game. Honestly, most of the dev team are that way, we’re kind of old school. So not only are the micro-transactions completely optional, but all packs are available to purchase using in-game resources that you find”.

“So, your scavenger bot will go out, and sometimes when he comes back he’ll deliver ration seals. Everything that can be purchased with real world dollars can also be purchased with ration seals”.

Now, let me be clear, I don’t care about the fact that apparently mobile users are accostumed to microtransactions and you’re trying to attract that category of players. What I do care is the fact that for a marketing reason you’re creating a precedent. If Dead Space 3 will be a success, and I think it will, all other publishers and developers will jump on the bandwagon; even more than they are already doing. So please, leave those mobile gamers to their phones swiping like crazy and start listening to your real demographic. Or maybe just stop to clutch at straws and sell us fried air. I’m sure that you, Visceral, and above all, EA, will be just fine even without this mythological creature; the mobile gamer. Be careful to not switch demographic.

Source, CVG.


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