The Last of Us Demo Comes Only With God of War: Ascension


Sony has announced that people who purchase God of War: Ascension will be able to access a demo of The Last of Us, the new Naughty Dog’s highly-anticipated project.

Anyone who purchases a copy of Kratos’ latest adventure after it releases on March 12 in the United States, March 13 in Europe or March 14 in Australia will be able to experience Joel and Ellie’s world for the first time.

Upon booting up God of War: Ascension, players will find an option in the main menu for The Last of Us. Selecting this will reveal how to access the free demo. can be accessed. The demo won’t be available as soon as God of War: Ascension releases, and it isn’t currently clear if it will later be made available to other PlayStation owners; but as soon as it becomes available a message will inform you of the availability.

The Last of Us releases exclusively on PS3 in May.

God of War: Ascension releases in March, and a single-player demo will be made available in February.

In the meanwhile you can check the Special Editions for The Last of Us to be sure to find the one that fits you.


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