Possibilities For The Walking Dead The Game Season Two


The Walking Dead as an episodic video game was able to merge the strong narrative of a well defined universe and the unique storytelling of an interactive medium. When you’re paying attention to the story devolving around you, you can at the same time explore the scene and interact with the environment, in a total different way of that of a television program. One of the key notes and strenght of the video game medium.

Now developer Telltale Games is considering how to both continue the game’s story and draw from the television experience to better engage their audience. “Anything is possible”, Telltale Games co-founder and CEO Dan Connors said. “We’re talking through different scenarios, though I don’t think we’ve talked through one where we just start with a new set of characters. For us it’s just really important to make sure we are delivering on what people have played and liked in season one”.

One big aspect of the release of The Walking Dead The Game was the expectation between episodes, the conversation about the different choices that players have made, the known consequences and the question of what it could be with a different pick. “You have to make a piece of content that is so compelling that people are waiting for it to arrive”, he said. “That was the beauty of The Walking Dead game; when an episode arrived people put down what they were doing and played it. That was very powerful. That required a very strong execution”.

The team is looking at ways to allow the community to stay connected with one another during and between episodes. There’s also talk of perhaps tying the game, or at least the game’s characters, in closer with the show. “There’s nothing saying our characters couldn’t cross over with their characters at some point in the timeline. It’s a very interesting concept”.


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