The PS4 Controller


These days there have been many speculations, wonder and trepidation around the next generation of consoles the PS4 officially started. Of course all the new features are a welcome addition and I really hope that they will not turn out to be only nice marketing words when we will be able to test for ourselves the real extent of what we will be able to do with the new system.

In the meantime, we can talk about the thing that really matters, the controller. Let’s be honest, the console could do the most impressive thing and run the most impressive game but if you won’t be able to take maximum control it serves no purpose. Given that now the PS3 controller is awful and gives you arthritis and practically hasn’t change from the PSOne I was really glad to see the new design. The new curve looks promising.

So let’s put aside all the technology talk (we will be back to it soon) and try to dissect our first and final contact with a console, its controller.

The light bar on the back of the new gamepad can change patterns, though now there’s an example application of this feature: it can serve as an indicator for low player health and can show single hits. The traditional “select” and “start” buttons have been consolidated into an “options” button, but it’s still not sure how this new aspect will reflect on actual gameplay; the days of “select” for mini-map are gone? The right button is now called “share”; for broadcasting gameplay to friends in real-time via Ustream or posting videos or images immediately on Facebook. Apparently you will be able to ask a friend for help, too. In this case, he or she will take control of your game and play a particularly difficult section for you.


What’s more, between the buttons there is a touch sensitive pad, clickable, identical to the one on the back of a PlayStation Vita, and of course the PS Home button. Sony is also touting an improved “feel” for the left and right sticks as well as the trigger buttons to improve precision and a more “solid” feeling to the triggers. Thank goodness. Plus a mono headset will be bundled with each PlayStation 4, to use with the new “party chat”.


As for the Kinect-looking PlayStation 4 Eye, the device uses two high-sensitive cameras with wide-angle lenses that have 85-degree diagonal angle views. Four microphones are packed inside, and users will be able to log in with face recognition using the Eye. The PlayStation Move will still be used, with full retro-compatibility, and with this new device, Move controllers will be tracked more accurately and feel more precise.

I’ll put below the specs for the DualShock 4 and the new Eye.



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