Xbox 720: Next Gen Xbox “Durango” CPU Overview

Xbox 720 will house two CPU modules, each consisting of four x64 cores. That’s the claim of intrepid hardware site VGLeaks.

The site has produced a detailed, mind-boggling report on the matter, laden with techie speak and I’m going to put hand on heart and say that I understand not a single word of it.

What I can tell you is that the Xbox 720/Durango is rumoured to house two CPU modules, each containing four x64 cores. The site claims that each core runs a single thread at 1.6 GHz. It all looks very powerful and mighty. After the PS4’s reveal, Microsoft is rumoured to announce the alleged Xbox 720/Durango at an event on April 26th.


“The Durango CPU brings a host of modern micro-architectural performance features to console development”, writes the site. “With Durango, a familiar instruction set architecture and high performance silicon mean developers can focus effort on content and features, not micro-optimization. The trend towards more parallel power continues in this hardware; so, an effective strategy for multi-core computing is more important than ever”.

I trust their words; I’ll leave you to check out the rest, for fear of typing something I have little technical knowledge of.


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