Why The Tomb Raider Multiplayer Is Not That Bad


Almost everyone who has written about Tomb Raider looked at the multiplayer with a bit of skepticism. But if you look closer you can see that there is more than meets the eye.

One mode I really enjoy is “Cry for Help”. It is basically king of the hill with asymmetric objectives; the Survivors must activate three transmitters and the Solarii must stop them by retrieving twenty batteries. Here, the greatest point of the multiplayer becomes evident: no sniper rifles.

Yes, there are various bows but no weapon has a scope. There is a zoom feature but is nothing near a reticle. This means there’s no room for campers, at least I didn’t encounter any of them. You can conquer a transmitter without being killed from the opposite corner of the map, respawn safely and don’t be killed just in front of your objective after a five minutes sprint across the entire map.

All the focus is on close range combat, and a wise use of grenades and your weapon of choice is the key to victory. With the possibility of respawning on a friend, teamwork is largely used and supported and if something should go wrong the ziplines allow you to enter combat again in no time, not leaving alone your team-mates for too long. You can use traps to kill your opponents and some locations are really defensible. And it really works, I never encountered lone wolves whom ignore the team, is just so much more fun the other way around; I think a great and wide community is forming around the multiplayer. Not only the long-time loyal fans but the newcomers who didn’t expect this side of the experience that is Tomb Raider.

The loadouts and unlockable skills are balanced, too. There is no real game-breaking mechanic, no weapon is so overpowered to ruin a game section and there is no way you can pay-to-win. Just playing and enjoying myself I’m levelling up like crazy, unlocking all the unlockable and making my way towards the level 60 cap. But for the most part I’m enjoying my time with other players, without screaming and cursing. Isn’t that what games are all about?

Eidos Montreal really did a good job with its part of the game. It is already very clear in my review how much I loved the new Tomb Raider. I hope more people can enjoy the multiplayer how much as I do. It is a worthy addition to an already great game. It really is true that depends on the community.

Coming from me, who I usually hate the multiplayer because for the most part it subtracts focus and substance that could have gone into the singleplayer, it means a lot.


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