Tomb Raider Data: Many Survivors Were Born


Mr. Ben Bateman from Square Enix posted on the official blog of the publisher some interesting data regarding the freshly released Tomb Raider game developed by Crystal Dynamics.

Using some servers analysis they are able to say that 1,417,750 crabs were killed since March 5th. Is it due to the fact that there is an achievement/trophy for that? Probably, but let’s be honest, today’s gamers are psychopaths, lusting for crabs’ blood!

Not to mention deers; apparently the community has killed a collective 5,294,879 deer. All those XPs!

Additional stats include the number of attacks dodged (11,067,764) making for exactly 13,742,891 death defying escapes. That’s a lot of close calls.

But when the dodging is over some self-defense has to be made and the count for enemies slain by arrows stops at 147,675,058, and 20,601,083 of those arrows were literally on fire. You are out of arrows after all that carnage? No problem; you can salvage new ones from your enemies up to 356,988,302 arrows.

And in any Tomb Raider game should be some tombs to raid, right? Of course! And the community managed to raid 3,570,956 tombs so far.

So what are you waiting for? Now it’s your turn.


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