The Witcher 3 Will Have Three Different Playable Epilogues


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will track all the actions of the player and will deliver one of the 36 available endings. Speaking with Polygon, Adam Badowski, managing director of CD Projekt Red and Michal Platkow-Gilewski, the company’s head of marketing, explained together a little bit more the current state of the development and the implementation of the new world states.

“The game is quite complex”, Badowski said. “We didn’t mean to develop something special for the endings, it’s a natural consequence of the story line. The story has hundreds of different branches and sub plots. We have to just sum all of those elements up in the epilogues. Some of those elements are taken from the very beginning and some from other moments of the storyline. All of them will connect in the epilogue. We have a lot of things to summarize. We didn’t spend time on inventing endings, it was just the consequence of those choices”.

The game, which is in development for the PS4 and PC and “something more maybe”, will feature more than 100 hours of gameplay between the game’s main story line and side quests. The map will be roughly 35 times the size of the previous game’s world. The game will also feature a new combat and other adjustments to the overall experience.

For how to connect the previous game’s save state to The Witcher 3 they are still working on a system that will please every player on every previous platform but “they are not yet ready to talk about the specifics of how that will work”.


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