The New Map Of Gotham In Batman: Arkham Origins

After “gliding” for a brief moment over the new concepts behind the WB Montreal’s re-imagination of Gotham City it’s time to take a closer look at the map of Batman: Arkham Origins.

Red_Robin and the team at are examining the new layout and at the same time comparing it at the map of the previous Arkham City.


As you can see the upper part of the image shows the Old Gotham, which one day will become the prison controlled by Hugo Strange. The shape of the streets and the buildings are very similar with an Amusement Mile still free from the water, the Penguin’s ship, The Final Offer, and a big structure probably resembling the Wonder Tower.

Go along the Gotham Bridge and you’ll find the new and never seen before section of the city. The districts are named Coventry, Burnley and Diamond but there are no recognisable main structures, at least not by their shape. There is something above the “New Gotham” text, with a semi-circular road and a detached structure at the far end of the map.

Until new details, better set the GPS of your Batwing. You never know.



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