The Storyline Of Batman: Arkham Origins


After exploring the first details of Batman: Arkham Origins, today creative director Eric Holmes and narrative director/writer Dooma Wendschuch explain the real meaning of the word Origins in the title.

It’s not only a prequel to the previous two games; there is no intention of telling a beginning story again. The game will explore the bases that were taken for granted in Arkham Asylum and in Arkham City. This time Batman will have to face for the first time foes that are more than mobs or henchmen. He still makes mistakes, now it’s time to prove his strenght, both physical and mental. Holmes made an example, he said that “during an interrogation, the young Batman chokes a suspect and the suspect passes out, ending it before it can really begin”.

“The story is about “filling in the cracks” in Batman and his supporting cast’s history”. The relationship with a more concerned , and still not convinced, Alfred will be further explored, along learning the right way of dealing with major super-criminals like the Penguin. It’s not told but I hope the relationship with Gordon will be treated as well.

Click here to see the video interview at WB Games.

Source: Game Informer


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