GTA V Install Issues: Xbox 360 Workaround And PS3 Digital Fix


The digital PlayStation 3 version and the retail Xbox 360 release of Grand Theft Auto V had a “little bit” of a launch issue regarding download and installation.

For the PS3 digital version there are two major issues: The first is a corrupt download returning the message “error code 80029564″. By now this issue is corrected; just delete the content you downloaded and try again.

As of the second issue the digital PS3 release suffers similar graphical problems to the retail Xbox 360 version when the Play disc is installed and no solution has been found as yet.

Regarding the Xbox 360 release Rockstar has advised users not to install the Play disc when using the retail Xbox 360 version of GTA V; doing so seems to cause pop-up, texture and frame-rate issues.

If you want to avoid a noisy DVD spinning in your console while playing the current solution, before a next official game patch from Rockstar, is to install the Play disc on an USB flash drive which must be at least USB 2.0 with a minimum 15mb/s read speed and formatted for Xbox 360 use.

Hope you can come back to cruise Los Santos as soon as possible!


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